Instructions for car maintenance after rain

Nowadays, cars are all open-air parking spaces, so cars are affected by the weather. Rain is often encountered. For some problems with cars after rain, Wuzheng Accessories will tell you about it.

Wuzheng accessories

  1. Some car owners may not have time to wash their cars, just by using the rain to wash their cars, they don’t need to wash their cars, and they save money. However, this idea is wrong. Rainwater cannot be like a manual car washing system. Rainwater will allow some dirt to flow into the gaps, which will be detrimental to the car, and problems will occur after a long time.
   2. Due to the current environmental pollution, acid rain sometimes appears, which has an impact on the paint surface of the car, so rain that is not said to have no effect.
   3. If it rains too much, it may cause water leakage in the car lights. The main water tanker lights are affected by water measures, so check after the rain.
   The above is about car maintenance after the rain. Only if you have customized maintenance for your car, it can be used for a long time.

Wuzheng accessories tells you the reason for the high water temperature of the car

Friends who often drive cars should know that the water temperature should not be too high, but sometimes the water temperature will still become high, so there is a problem with some parts, and Wuzheng accessories will tell you the reasons.    1. There may be a problem with the cooling fan, which causes the heat generated cannot be transferred to the refrigerant. Therefore, when the water temperature is too high, stop and check whether the fan is faulty.    2. There is a problem with the circulating water pump, and the side water circulation of the engine's heat conduction cannot operate normally, which makes the cooling system malfunction. At this time, the problem can be solved by replacing the louver.   3. There is also a lack of freezing fluid. The freezing fluid may leak or freeze in winter, resulting in an increase in water temperature. At this time, the problem can be solved by adding freezing fluid.    The above are several reasons for the high water temperature of the car and the solutions. You should pay attention to them when driving.

2022-01-26 08:42

"Joining Putuo" Swimming Challenge Series kicks off today

The "Joining Putuo" Swimming Series Challenge and the "New Golden Ring Cup" PTSA Summer Swimming League Finals kicked off today in the swimming pool of Putuo Sports Center. The contestants in this competition are composed of champions in the four previous competitions, and a total of 32 championships have been decided. Among them, Wu Kaiyang broke 3 competition records, and Li Wenhao broke 1 competition record. The competition was held in strict accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention, the audience was restricted from entering the venue, and an outdoor competition area was set up, live broadcast, on-site commentary, subtitle display of results and other convenient means, creating a good participation and viewing experience for athletes and spectators. .

2022-01-26 08:42

Wuzheng Accessories-Cars cannot be over-maintained

Nowadays, many families have bought cars, and they need to maintain them well. Some people will take good care of their cars and often maintain them. However, excessive maintenance can also cause damage to the car. Let’s talk about Wuzheng accessories.    1. Frequent washing of the car will damage the paint of the car and affect the use of the air conditioner. Therefore, if the car is not very dirty, you can wipe it clean with a soft cloth dampened in water, without frequent car washing.    2. When the oil is insufficient, the oil should be added, but not too much. If the oil is too much, the engine power will be lost and the oil will be damaged. Therefore, the engine oil should not be too much, and it is better to control the upper and lower lines of the oil dipstick.    3. Some people will put a lot of electronic equipment in the car, but too many electronic equipment may cause the vehicle to be overloaded and affect the use of the vehicle.   4. If the bolts and nuts on the car are too tight, some connectors will be deformed, and the bolts will also be deformed, causing breakage or slip buckle.    So even if it’s your own car, don’t over-maintain it, like don’t spoil your child too much.

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